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Wireless Bridging of Cisco Switches using AP 374 as Transport

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  • 1.  Wireless Bridging of Cisco Switches using AP 374 as Transport

    Posted 15 days ago
    Hello everyone. I'm not sure if this discussion has already been brought up, but we have sort of a unique project. Currently we have a Meshed Network using 4 Aruba 374 aps connected to a VMC and VMM.  The unique part comes with being able to bridge our Cisco switches using the mesh as a transport. Expectations are to be able to ping from one hard wired device connected to the Cisco switch (the 374 is connected directly to the switch as well using Eth1 port), to a different device on a separate Cisco switch (with a 374 ap also connected via Eth 1). As of right now, we can only ping devices connected to the WLAN assigned to the mesh but not anything behind the Cisco switches. On the switches themselves, we have configured the port that the Aruba 374 is connected to as a trunk port. Has anyone here had any success with a similar project? If so, what were your configurations?

    Daniel Molina

  • 2.  RE: Wireless Bridging of Cisco Switches using AP 374 as Transport

    Posted 14 days ago
    Sounds like perfectly possible. You will need to put the correct ethernet port profiles on the eth1 port(s) of your mesh points, and configure the authentication or make the port trusted to disable authentication. It may be most effective to find someone who has done this before and let yourself guided through the configuration. Your Aruba partner or Aruba TAC support are good candidates for that.

    Start by drawing a diagram of all the APs, switches, VLANs, routing, and with that, it must be possible to configure what you want.

    Herman Robers
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