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AOS API call for provisioning new AP

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  • 1.  AOS API call for provisioning new AP

    Posted Jul 27, 2021 01:52 AM
    Basically, I am trying to provision a new AP using the API ap_prov. I was trying to edit the whitelist with the provisioning details so that there is an entry of ap-group and ap-name in the whitelist. when I tried to see the entry of the AP I just can't find it in the white-list database as shown below: 

    (MD-1) *# show whitelist-db cpsec ap-name AP-1Floor-10 state certified-factory-cert

    Control-Plane Security Whitelist-entry Details
    MAC-Address  AP-Group  AP-Name  Enable  State  Cert-Type  Description  Revoke Text  Last Updated
    -----------  --------  -------  ------  -----  ---------  -----------  -----------  ------------

    Total Entries: 0

    My Question is; To provision a new AP using the API, what attributes need to be updated in the whitelist to ensure API changes take into effect and it will add the AP to the whitelist AP database?

  • 2.  RE: AOS API call for provisioning new AP

    Posted Aug 04, 2021 06:27 AM
    There are two distinct methods for provisioning:  The whitelist AP database and Configuration> Access points.  Both methods do not share a database.  If you configure using the whitelist AP database, it will override the method using Configuration> Access points.  If you configured AP names and groups using the whitelist, the configuration>access points method will seem to work, but will just revert to what is in the whitelist database.

    I would just stick to the Configuration> access points method and do not interact with the whitelist database just to avoid confusion.

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