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SLAAC configuration Aruba contorller

  • 1.  SLAAC configuration Aruba contorller

    Posted 20 days ago
      I have configured a single stack IPv6 for guest SSID as the following 
    1- I am using a single vlan 
    2- I configured IPv6 global unicast address on the VLAN interface 
    3- I enabled IPv6 globally
    For some reason some clients can connect and get an IP address while others can't get an IP address. Any help or idea where to start? 

  • 2.  RE: SLAAC configuration Aruba contorller

    Posted 19 days ago
    There are a lot of variables in this. Like, is your controller configured for L3 or L2, where and how do your clients get their IPv6 address, and also clients behave very differently based on type and version.

    If you are new to IPv6 or if you want to learn how Aruba controllers handle IPv6, I would recommend you to check videos on the Aruba Broadcasting Channel on these topics.

    What you will see in many of these videos is that packet capturing and displaying in Wireshark will help you to understand what is happening.

    Herman Robers
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