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How is the AP you connect to determined

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  • 1.  How is the AP you connect to determined

    Posted Apr 28, 2021 08:26 AM
    Hi everyone,

    This is I guess less of a management/features question and more a technical/insight question.

    Right now I am sitting in an area with two identical APs (model AP345), one closer to me then the other but for some reason my both my work machine and my personal device connected to the AP that is further away from me and so far have not transferred to the closer AP.

    The closer AP has 11 clients and is in 5GHz only mode while the further away AP has 17 clients and is in dual mode currently.

    By all logic it would seem that my devices should have connected to the closer AP so I'm very curious:
    a. how these things are decided
    b. if there is a way for me to see this in the mobility master/controller
    c. if there is a way to trigger clients moving to an AP closer to them


    Edit - in wireless scanning software running on one of my devices it even shows the signal strength of the AP closer to me is on average higher.

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  • 2.  RE: How is the AP you connect to determined
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    Posted Apr 28, 2021 08:54 AM
    The client ultimately determines what AP it connects to.  The administrator can influence things  by lowering power on access points so that further APS are not as attractive.  In addition, some clients will not scan on every channel.  The list here:  https://clients.mikealbano.com/ will give you an idea of what channels clients will scan on.

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