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Location-based mobile app development and Bluetooth-based asset tracking with Meridian. Gathering analytics and business intelligence from Wi-Fi with Analytics and Location Engine (ALE).
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What to order for basic setup

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  • 1.  What to order for basic setup

    Posted Mar 30, 2019 03:19 AM


    The needed setup would be:

    • 1 building, 4 floors, 1000 SQM each (so 4000 SQM in total)
    • blue dot navigation (wayfinding)
    • asset tracking (i.e. 50 devices)
    • Using the web editor to create a basic app
    • publish this basic app on Play Store and App Store

    This should be a rather simple setup, but I'm not sure what to order.

    • Do I need 1 x Maps or a Maps subscription for each floor? -> can we add different floors with one subscription?
    • Same question as above for blue dot and asset tracking.
    • Do we need an Appmaker subscription if we only are going to use the web editor and publish the app ourselves? Can we publish the app ourselves when only using the web editor?

    I don't find any ordering info for a multi-floor setup. The Appmaker vs (web?) SDK explanation is not clear to me either.  Any help is greatly appreciated.



  • 2.  RE: What to order for basic setup

    Posted Apr 23, 2019 10:51 PM

    Hi RD-one,


    The maps part JZ091AAE covers 10,000 square meters. You will only need one of this for the entire area (even though it is covered by four floors).


    You will need to include JZ092AAE for the Blue dot navigation. Again this covers 10,000 square meters and only one is required, even though it will cover multiple floors.


    For asset tracking include JZ093AAE. This is also based on 10,000 square meters as above.


    For the white label App service which includes the Meridian web editor for creating the App and the publishing of the App to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store you need JZ094AAE. The App will be published for you by the Meridian Apps Team: https://docs.meridianapps.com/article/495-white-label-apps


    Optionally, you might want to consider JZ095AAE for campaign triggering. You haven't specified a need for this in your message so you would need to look at the specific business requirements.


    From a hardware perspective you will need an appropriate number of BLE beacons for Blue dot navigation. This can be based on battery powered beacons and/or Aruba Access Points with BLE radios in them.


    JX984A will get you a 5 pack of LS-BT20 battery powered beacons.

    JX985A will get you a 50 pack of LS-BT20 battery powered beacons.

    JX987A will get you a 50 pac of AT-BT10-50 batter powered asset tags.

    There are also USB beaons if required.


    The SDK capability is included with a Maps subscription (I believe it just needs to be enabled with a support request). You could, for example, have an AppMaker App and utilise the SDK in another App if you needed to.


    You can find a lot of documentation about the SDK here: https://docs.meridianapps.com/collection/288-developers which may help you uncover what the SDK does. Going the SDK path will require you have extensive development capability as well as the knowledge and time to work with Apple and Google to deploy to their respective App Stores.


    Hopefully this helps.