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Access Point State Reason

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  • 1.  Access Point State Reason

    Posted Mar 29, 2022 10:02 AM


    Just wondered if anyone has any information on the State Reason column with the Infrastructure -> Access points screen on I've check the admin guides and configuration guides and there doesn't seem to description the different "Reasons" for the state of each AP.,

    I have a number of APs sitting in "Hbt Timeout" which I can only assume means some sort of heartbeat timeout,​ but there appears to be no information in Aruba's own document or searching the web for info. Making it difficult to troubleshoot the problem. 

    Any pointers would be useful?

    Fraser McKenzie

  • 2.  RE: Access Point State Reason

    Posted Mar 30, 2022 05:02 AM

    I had the same problem and had a TAC ticket in progress.

    According to the TAC, the state reason is the reason why an AP booted last.

    But in version this is a bug in the Web UI!
    In reality there are no hbt-timeouts.

    Official Bug AOS-231477 Dashboard->Infrastructure shows AP State reason as Hbt Timeout (CAP) /Auth Req (RAP)

    This bugs is kind of expected – The State reason


    Andreas Greich