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Ip helper address vs DHCP server

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  • 1.  Ip helper address vs DHCP server

    Posted Oct 14, 2021 01:47 AM
    Hello team,
    Can anyone please explain what is the difference between DHCP server vs ip helper address.

    Shivam Ojha

  • 2.  RE: Ip helper address vs DHCP server

    Posted Oct 14, 2021 03:17 AM
    Not sure why you posted this to the Aruba Apps forum.

    A DHCP server is a service that hands out IP addresses to clients on the network. This DHCP service can run on (most) switches/firewalls/controllers, where the switch has a range of IPs that it can hand out to clients.

    If you have multiple subnets, it may make sense to run that DHCP service on a central server in your network, like your AD server (which has a built-in DHCP server), or a dedicated IPAM solution. In that case, you configure an ip-helper (which is the same as a DHCP Relay, which may be a better term for understanding) on the switch/firewall/controller that forwards the DHCP requests from the clients to the central DHCP server, and responds with what it receives back from the DHCP server. The switch itself does not keep an administration of IP addresses.

    My personal opinion is that you should use a central DHCP server (and ip-helpers/DHCP relay on the switches), unless there is a good reason to do local DHCP.

    Herman Robers
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