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AirO App privacy policy

  • 1.  AirO App privacy policy

    Posted Apr 26, 2015 07:46 PM

    The Google Play Store and Apple App Store point to Aruba Networks' general privacy policy, and of course we follow that policy with AirO.


    But privacy for mobile applications is a little different, and I wanted to add some detail specific to this application.  (I'm posting this while working on publishing the iOS version of AirO, April 2015).



    AirO reads information from the mobile device, including Wi-Fi scans for SSIDs and BSSIDs, GPS latitude & longitude, phone number and cellular network information if available, user's email address and other configuration information.


    Information can be emailed in a comma separated variable file from the "email" button.  You can choose the recipient, for instance you could send the file to your IT help desk to provide them with information to diagnose Wi-Fi or network issues.  The email is entirely under user control:  if you want to see what's in this file, email it to yourself and open with a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel.


    Some information (more than you see in the email file) is sent to your network’s AirWave server through the AMC client function.  This information is readable by someone with an account on your network’s AirWave server.  The intent is that this information is used to help diagnose Wi-Fi or network issues.  The address for the network's AirWave server is either entered manually in app "settings" or can (if the network admin has set this up) be learned by the app from the network.  This background reporting can be disabled in app "settings".


    The app does not send any reports or information to Aruba Networks.