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Access Switch 2500 Adding new switches to stack

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  • 1.  Access Switch 2500 Adding new switches to stack

    Posted Feb 03, 2015 12:24 PM

    We run AOS 7.3.1, but we will probably be coming up to the current 7.4 release when we are doing maintenance to add new members.


    I came into this environment with the Aruba Stacks already built. We have 5 members currently, we are wanting to expand our stack by 2 more switches (which I believe the max is 8 members). 


    Is adding members to the stack as easy as connecting the stack ports  on the switches an configuring the stack interface like this?


    (host) (config)# add stacking interface stack <module/port>



    Do I need to set the election priority? 


    Would it be best to go to the stack it will be joining and 'Pre-Provision' the device and specify it as a Line Card?


    (host) (config) # stack-profile
    (host) (stack-profile) #member-id 1
    (host) (stack-profile) #member-id 1 serial-number AU00006600
    (host) (stack-profile) #member-id 1 serial-number AU00006600 role line-card
    (host) (stack-profile) #member-id 1 location eng-building


    Does joining new members require reboot of the entire stack?

  • 2.  RE: Access Switch 2500 Adding new switches to stack
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    Posted Feb 03, 2015 01:03 PM


    * Last two ports 0/1/2 & 0/1/3 are pre-provisined to be stack ports (when shipped from factory)

      So "no" need to perform ==> add stacking interface stack <module/port>.

      Note: Unless these units were already used earlar & stack ports had been claimed via delete command, you may want to add again, or else not required (verify via 'show stacking  interface brief')


    * Before connecting the new units, it is always best practice to pre-configure the stack profile with 'election-priority'  (lower value than primary) & 'role'  (preferably as linecard) tied to serial number of new units.

     - So that new members don't alter the current stack (assuming the role of primary etc...)


    * Once preset stack config is in place, just conenct the stack ports witch DAC/fibre cables.


    * No need to reboot entire stack,






  • 3.  RE: Access Switch 2500 Adding new switches to stack

    Posted Feb 17, 2015 08:57 AM

    Here is something I hadn't thought of. So the new switch is running a new version of Firmware than we currently run (, if I upgrade my stack I'd rather go up to the most recent current release. ( 


    Will the new switch automatically pull the upgrade when it joins the stack? Or should I upgrade that switch and stack seperately? 


    Or I guess another option is to upgrade the stack to the same version as the switch, then upgrade the stack again. 


    I am trying to go for the least outage time, but it's a great excuse to upgrade firmware as well. 

  • 4.  RE: Access Switch 2500 Adding new switches to stack

    Posted Feb 17, 2015 10:35 AM

    * Currently there is no support for "Auto Upgrade" of new unit that joins the existing stack.


    * If a new unit is running a different version than what stack is running, then it won't become the 'active' member of the stack, instead it goes to 'dormant' state, with flag set as:

      [V] - Version Mismatch


    * With this situation, upgrading/downgrading only that unit/member becomes challenge, as it has to be removed from that Stack and then upgrade/downgrade to same version as that of stack.


    * Hence, it is always best practice to load the same version image on new unit(s) as that of Stack, well before 'adding' them to the stack.


     Now, since you wish to upgrade the stack as well, you can do so.

     But, as mentioned above, the new unit also should be loaded with same image as that of stack (either before or after stack upgrade)






  • 5.  RE: Access Switch 2500 Adding new switches to stack

    Posted Feb 17, 2015 10:55 AM

    Ah, I was hoping it would be able to normalize the image across the stack. But it looks like I'll be upgrading my stack regardless, it's a perfect way to sell it to the boss. 


    Thanks for your help!