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DHCP DBUG : VLAN XXXX not found in database 7072

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  • 1.  DHCP DBUG : VLAN XXXX not found in database 7072

    Posted Dec 04, 2017 07:17 AM



    I have been configuring a standalone controlller for my network.

    I have configured the Controller as a DHCP server for vlan 10 and 11, Vlan 10 is for AP's and 11 is for Clients.

    AP's get an IP address from the controller, but when i connect a device to the VLAN 11 SSID I get an entry in the logs saying that the VLAN is not in the database.

    I also tried making clients and AP's join vlan 10 just to see if this would work, but the same issue occured, AP's continued to get a DHCP address and clients of the SSID would not.


    How can i resolve this?


    Many Thanks in advance,