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Captive Portal - Internal Acknowledge

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    Posted Jul 27, 2017 02:53 PM

    Hello Everyone,


    First post here, so go easy! lol! We recently deployed a guest network with Aruba 315 Instant APs and Airwave.  We opted to use the internal acknowledgment captive portal so our guest users can acknowledge the terms of use before they're allowed on the network.  The issue we're having is that the splash page only appears to allow 2 blocks of text, each with only 256 characters allowed. Obviously most terms of use are going to be more than 512 characters.  Is there a way to put a full terms of use agreement on the internal acknowledge portal?  I was thinking it might be possible to put in an HTML iframe into the text box, if HTML were allowed, and pulling it in from another server, but because of the Internal AP access role is assigned at that point the firewall would block the request. Any ideas?