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Access network design for branch, remote, outdoor and campus locations with Aruba access points, and mobility controllers.
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Hostile environment and RF settings

  • 1.  Hostile environment and RF settings

    Posted Aug 28, 2017 01:41 AM

    Hello everyone,

    Trusting in the wide experience of the participants of the forum I want to raise my problem and help to obtain a solution to obtain a solution.

    I count with a WLC (MODEL: Aruba7210), Version which administrative 31 AP 314 with external Athens, these APs are located in the same area of ​​which it is a winery, this winery has all its environment of galvanized metal, floor, ceiling, beams and columns, in fact the floor is mesh type which makes a signal pass one floor another without problem, the amount of APs is by the subject of corridors and boxes that at the moment they are full the signal tends a decrease naturally.

    The problem I have is that the operators use a PDA Honeywell CN51 with OS Android, and these PDAs are showing too many disconnections and I have latencies of up to 500ms in a ping.

    I would like to know what good practices I can begin to do to mitigate this issue, bearing in mind that it is a totally hostile environment for an RF signal.

    I am grateful for my experience to improve the experience of my operators with the WIFI and their PDAs.


    Thank you



  • 2.  RE: Hostile environment and RF settings

    Posted Sep 01, 2017 04:49 PM

    Anyway, I attached the photos of the physical structure so that we have a little more information and help me to validate that others.

    Thanks again.

    Aps 314 Aruba

    Antena ap-ant-1w 2.4/5G 4/6dbi Omni

  • 3.  RE: Hostile environment and RF settings

    Posted Sep 05, 2017 05:51 AM



    Do you have the same issue with other Android ? Iphone ? W10 ?


    What are the settings for your SSID in terms of speed ? or channels ?


    did you check below ? the issue looks similar :