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IAP External Portal

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  • 1.  IAP External Portal

    Posted Feb 21, 2016 12:36 PM

    Trying to get an external captive portal to work (Instant AP 

    Tried to configure it like in

    Also tried to use the url


    I would appreciate a working example of an external splash page with authentication text.


    Thank you for your help



  • 2.  RE: IAP External Portal

    Posted Feb 21, 2016 12:49 PM
    What part is not working? The redirect? The auth?

  • 3.  RE: IAP External Portal

    Posted Feb 21, 2016 01:11 PM

    Thank you for your quick response


    The redirect is working fine but the authentication is not working.

    I get no response from the VC


    wlan external-captive-portal
     port 443
     url "/"
     auth-text "Accept"



    External Captive Portal Page <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=GB2312"/>
    <form method="POST" ACTION="">
    <input type="hidden" name="user" value="guest">
    <input type="hidden" name="password" value="guest">
    <input type="submit" name="Accept" value="authenticate">

    wlan ssid-profile bstest
     index 1
     type guest
     essid bstest
     opmode opensystem
     max-authentication-failures 0
     auth-server InternalServer
     set-role-pre-auth preauth
     rf-band all
     captive-portal external profile
     dtim-period 1
     broadcast-filter arp
     dmo-channel-utilization-threshold 90
     local-probe-req-thresh 0
     max-clients-threshold 64


    user guest ed31476c3b980e2190ff0aedfc52fe51 portal
    wlan access-rule preauth
     index 6
     captive-portal external profile
     rule any any match any any any deny



  • 4.  RE: IAP External Portal

    Posted Feb 22, 2016 01:39 PM

    a working example was posted some time ago, a search for external captive portal should turn it up i hope.

  • 5.  RE: IAP External Portal
    Best Answer

    Posted Feb 22, 2016 02:33 PM

    I was lucky finding the answer. I was missing a question mark at the end of my post command.

    So this works:

    <form method=POST action="">

  • 6.  RE: IAP External Portal

    Posted Feb 22, 2016 10:53 PM

    can you share  little  more  about external  portals  actually i am also working on this  ...


    Did  you  designed  your  external portal  or  its a third party  software  ?

  • 7.  RE: IAP External Portal

    Posted Feb 23, 2016 01:47 AM

    Hello Kashan,


    the post comand is included in an external website done by an app designer. We are designing a guest wifi for chain of fitness gyms. normally I would like to use clearpass for this scenario, but in this case open authentication which neither Instant Aps nor clearpass can use was the option or a external captive portal hosted by the app designer was the option.

    If anyone ever achieved an open authentication with clearpass I would like to hear about it.



  • 8.  RE: IAP External Portal

    Posted Feb 23, 2016 04:22 AM



    When you say "Open Authentication", what do you mean?  ClearPass does support Open (just click accept), username and password or just a single passcode for authentication methods.

  • 9.  RE: IAP External Portal

    Posted Feb 23, 2016 04:28 AM

    Hi Colin,


    In this case I would require OAuth (like in

    I know that clearpass can use SAML as SSO source. But this interface is not provided by this app designer.


    Thank you Johnny