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AP325 Kernel Errors

  • 1.  AP325 Kernel Errors

    Posted Sep 29, 2017 12:06 PM

    Sep 29 10:24:14 KERNEL(--AP name--): [707910.280808] INVALID MAC ADDRESS


    Has anyone seen these errors in their controllers after installing AP325s in their networks? We have two separate netowrks here and both have these errors in the logs.


    Netowork one consists of the following:

    1 - M3-master controller

    4 - 7240 local controller

    3500 - APs 105,124,135,224, 225, 275, 325

    Running Code


    Netowrk two consists of the following:

    1 - 3200 master controller

    4 - M3 local controllers

    1100 - APs 105,225,325 (with the majority being 325s)

    Running Code


    The only APs that are showing this error are the AP325s on either network. Since it happens at random we are able to know when or where it is going to happen. It will show up in the logs maybe once or as many as 100 times in a row for a duration of up to a few minutes. We have not been able to determin yet if this is client effecting or not when it starts to freakout like this. We have had a TAC case open for a good bit now and we would just like to see if anyone else has come across this same error in their logs.