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Configuring a port for managment

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  • 1.  Configuring a port for managment

    Posted Aug 05, 2017 10:56 AM

        I'm setting up this controller that will be used to connect a wired port on a rap and create an secure tunnel to our home office though the internet the remote office router will then use OSPF to our home office router. I have gotten all that working, but I wanted a dedicated port on my controller for managment which seems easy I'm doing something wrong.


        I configured the controllers's IP to vlan interface 1110 which that vlan interface has an IP address of Then I configured a gig interface to switchport access vlan 1110. That port works fine with my laptop connected im able to ssh and use webui to manage the controller.


       When I connect the same gig port to my managment switch which is configured for our managment vlan access port using same IP subnet I can't ping the controller. I know it needs a IP default gateway because when I connect my laptop to the same switch port set my laptop to it doesn't work until I set my laptop default gateway to the vlan interface IP on the switch then I'm able to get on the network. 


       I tried setting the controller's IP default gatway to the switches vlan interface doesn't seem to work.

  • 2.  RE: Configuring a port for managment
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    Posted Aug 05, 2017 01:44 PM

    Unfortunately the controller's management VLAN/ip address is what the APs always have to connect to for connectivity.  If they connect on any other ip address, they will be redirected to the controller's ip address.  I would try setting up a different VLAN, separate from the controller's ip address/VLAN and see if you can work with that.

  • 3.  RE: Configuring a port for managment

    Posted Aug 05, 2017 08:41 PM

    Our main wifi controllers are which were setup by a previous employee the controller IP is using the same vlan as the vlan we use to manage the webui and ssh. The only difference is the vlan is configured though a switchport trunk port with that vlan allowed though the trunk. Could the problem be the the access port I configured I need to bring the managment vlan into the controller? Since RAPS are coming in though the internet NAT I wanted the management vlan to be different I guess I could try what your saying set the controller IP to the vlan I'm using to terminate the RAP's on and set an interface vlan IP for the managment vlan I'm still tihinking I need to use a trunk port and allow the management vlan to terminate to on my interface vlan using the same vlan number.


    I guess I assumed intervlan routing would take care of any re-direction needed for the RAP's or managment.