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Auth-survivability issue

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  • 1.  Auth-survivability issue

    Posted Apr 27, 2017 01:39 AM

    I have enabled auth-survivability on your controllers. I can see in that the controller is caching EAP-TLS clients but nor EAP-PEAP clients. It's the same on 72xx and 70xx controllers. Prevoius software versions did cache EAP-PEAP clients. Is this a bug ?

    Guest users are cached as well.


    Running ArubaOS:

    Auth-survivability is set to 24 hours.


    Bjørn Vollelv

  • 2.  RE: Auth-survivability issue

    Posted Apr 27, 2017 06:11 AM

  • 3.  RE: Auth-survivability issue

    Posted Apr 27, 2017 07:07 AM

    Thanks for your replay.

    If I have understood you correctly is that EAP-PEAP is not supported anymore. This was working in earlier versions.


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    Posted Apr 27, 2017 11:25 AM
    Please open a TAC case.

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    Posted Apr 30, 2017 03:34 PM

    I'm pretty sure EAP-TLS & EAP-PEAP used to be supported on the MAS switches were you thinking of this perhaps?

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    Posted May 02, 2017 01:18 AM

    I was thinking that it was supported on the controllers.