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User-Idle Timeout and Station Ageout clarification

  • 1.  User-Idle Timeout and Station Ageout clarification

    Posted Jan 24, 2018 12:03 PM

    I just seem to be having trouble grasping the concept of these two values, and whether either one would benefit us.


    We have two SSIDs for our network.  The first staff SSID uses Mac Authentication with a WPA2 psk, and is used for district owned devices.


    The second SSID is for BYOD devices and is just secured by a WP2 psk.


    Some users have been making complaints that devices are disconnecting from the BYOD SSID, so I was looking up how to help this.  From reading different articles it seems there are two values at play, the user-idle timeout, and station age-out.  Right now user-idle timeout is unchecked for both aaa profiles, and station age-out is set to 1000sec.


    Since we are not using 802.1x, would the user-idle timeout value actually do anything for us?  I'm not sure what benefit removing a user from the user-table actually has.


    Is there any negative consequences from increasing the station ageout timer?


    What exactly is happening since the the user-idle timeout is disabled, are clients just staying active forever?

  • 2.  RE: User-Idle Timeout and Station Ageout clarification

    Posted Jan 24, 2018 06:00 PM

    If you are using WPA2-PSK, the devices should simply reconnect automatically when wake up in range, because the supplicant manages the connection for that.  "Timers" are really only good for Captive Portal, where human interaction would be required to login, so idle time would be extended.


    You possibly have a wireless issue if those users are getting disconnected...  The supplicant should always connect them back automatically.