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APIN0225 turn off mobility

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  • 1.  APIN0225 turn off mobility

    Posted Mar 06, 2018 04:53 AM
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    I have received as gift an APIN0225, after a factory reset I have an access to the WebUI, I can easily configure the access point. 

    The AP is powered by POE on eth0 


    But after a reboot the AP stick on 'turn off mobility'

    Another strange thing, the firmware updates failed every time. 

    Here are the logs of the boot sequence.


    Thanks for your help.




    aruba.log.txt   11 KB 1 version

  • 2.  RE: APIN0225 turn off mobility

    Posted Mar 06, 2018 05:07 AM

    Unfortunately, it looks like someone uploaded the instant code to a Campus AP.  Since Campus APs do not have a country code set, the Instant throws that error.  Others can chime in whether or not there is a fix for this.

  • 3.  RE: APIN0225 turn off mobility

    Posted Mar 06, 2018 01:37 PM

    Lets confirm if you have an IAP or CAP. Can you read off the exact model number from the back of the device?


    Does it say: IAP-225-US or AP-225?


    If possible, factory reset the device using the reset button or console and then login to device using admin admin and fetch a show tech.