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NAS-Client-Based Admin-Access

  • 1.  NAS-Client-Based Admin-Access

    Posted Aug 16, 2018 04:55 AM

    Hi all,


    do we have any chances to make Access Requests visible for certain users that have the priviliges to access requests for a few NAS-devices only? Maybe in the 'Administration -> User & Previliges' menu?


    A customer has different infrastructures for Voice and Data and they would like to seperate those requests for the admin users of clearpass - one Admin should see only requests from the Voice infrastructure and the other only for Data.




  • 2.  RE: NAS-Client-Based Admin-Access

    Posted Aug 16, 2018 08:44 AM
    Unfortunately no

  • 3.  RE: NAS-Client-Based Admin-Access

    Posted Aug 20, 2018 07:13 AM


  • 4.  RE: NAS-Client-Based Admin-Access

    Posted Aug 21, 2018 12:49 PM

    The only way I can think of doing this is having (2) seperate CPPM clusters, and configuring the voice and data devices to talk to their respective server. Then in the Policy Manager Admin Login service, configure the AD group to allow logins for voice admins vs data admins. 


    Probably not the scenario you're currently working with, but this would acheive the goal.