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RWL Tech Note: Comware Routers with IPsec VPN

  • 1.  RWL Tech Note: Comware Routers with IPsec VPN

    Posted Jul 30, 2018 10:54 AM
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    This document provides detailed configuration details to implement a site to site VPN with IPsec on the Comware routing platforms. In my examples, i have used the MSR954 at each end, with support for dynamic IP addressing.

    The document covers the following topics as they relate to an IPsec VPN tunnel:

    • IKE
    • IPsec
    • DDNS
    • ACLs
    • NAT

    In many cases, the newly released Aruba SD-Branch platform will provide a more complete IPsec solution, including site to multi-site configurations (eg head office to multiple branches). The HPE MSR routers provide the ideal alternative in a more traditional routing platform, if the Aruba SD-Branch solution is not appropriate for some reason. For instance, direct integration with third party IPsec devices or specific protocols, or where cloud managed configurations are not viable.