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SNMP transceiver return old value

  • 1.  SNMP transceiver return old value

    Posted Sep 25, 2020 09:15 AM

    Hello guys i am very new tho this community. I am familiar with Procurve-familiy from the old 2600 to new 2540 and we are implementing Aruba to the wireless enviroments too. Anyway, i think i found a "bug". We have some hired fiberconnections with our own optics and of course, related to SLA, we want to ensure the transciver levels are OK. I built a SNMP-template in Cacti and it works as expected. Except the dBm-value is "old" and not fresh from the last polling time. If i run the command "show interface transceiver detail" the SNMP-value is updated once, to the same value that i got in CLI. 


    Some googling and i am not alone, i found this:


    Is there something i can do to get correct value from snmpget? To do a snmpset before polling is a bit tricky solution i want to avoid. 


    The hardware i can confirm this "bug" on:

    Procurve 2540 48p (JL357A) running YC.16.10.0009

    Procurve 2530 48p (J9772A) running YA.16.10.0009