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Mobility Master / Clearpass and the Aruba-Admin-Path attribute

  • 1.  Mobility Master / Clearpass and the Aruba-Admin-Path attribute

    Posted Feb 13, 2019 02:00 AM

    Trying to set up Mobility Master admin access using Clearpass. I would like to set a default role (root or read-only) along with a path to the managed device. I think I will have seven different MD clusters. I see I can pass back attributes for Aruba-Admin-Role and Aruba-Admin-Path from CP. And I *think* I can see that I can set a role on the Mobility Master (in Server Rules) based on the Aruba-Admin-Role value returned from CP. I can also see that I can select a VLAN or a ROLE based on what's returned for the Aruba-Admin-Path - which confuses me. I want to map this to a node path.


    I'm not seeing any documentation on implementing MM roles/paths based on Aruba-Admin-Path. Can you direct me to some or otherwise tell me how I missed the boat?