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Clearpass SNMPv3 and Solarwinds N-ABLE

  • 1.  Clearpass SNMPv3 and Solarwinds N-ABLE

    Posted Jan 18, 2019 11:37 AM

    I am trying to add monitoring for the Clearpass appliance into our Solarwinds N-ABLE system. I have triple checked settings for authentication multiple times on both ends. Within N-ABLE I get Uknown Username from the CPPM.




    For testing purposes I tried a MIB browser which I had needed anyway to build the servces and templates for N-ABLE for the CPPM as there are none pre-defined. (Which if anyone has a link to some that would be helpful, I found a github with quite a fewbut nothing Aruba)

    I get the same error with the iReasoning MIB Browser of -33 Unknown Username...


    I have set the same security here..

    Policy Manager > Administration > Server Manager > Server Configuration


    And here...

    Policy Manager > Administration > External Servers > SNMP Trap Receivers