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Aruba 7005 VLAN

  • 1.  Aruba 7005 VLAN

    Posted Dec 10, 2018 12:00 PM


    I have a problem with the 7005 mobility controller.

    I want to setup two wireless networks:

    Guest: VLAN 10

    User: VLAN 20

    I did setup those networks using the wizard, but when I seperate them in two differents ports in the controller (Vlan 10 in GE 0/0/1 and Vlan 20 in GE0/0/2), none of them are put in the correct VLAN.

    However, when I configure one port (GE0/0/0) and tag both Vlans in it (Switch side and controller side), it works perfectly.

    Any clue??


    Edit: I did disable Spanning Tree protocol on GE0/0/1 and GE0/0/2, works like a charm.

    I don't know why Spanning Tree blocked theses ports even thought they were on seperate VLANs.