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AP-303H UAP and Aruba OS

  • 1.  AP-303H UAP and Aruba OS

    Posted Dec 07, 2018 09:25 AM



    We just received a new batch (5) of Aruba AP-303H aps. We already have 60+ AP-303H aps configured as CAPs connected to our master controller running ArubaOS


    This new batch came with the UAP image preloaded. As I understand it, the new UAP image will look for a master controller. If it's found, it'll use it convert to a CAP. If not, it'll convert to an IAP.


    This new batch will not convert to a CAP even though it sees the controller. Here's the error info I'm getting from the controller when any of these new AP-303H units try to boot:


    Rebootstrap                Fri Dec  7 09:11:37 2018
    Time Offset                Message details
    -----------                ---------------
    -0                         RCVD: HELLO len=792 peer= seq_num=0 rtt=0 result=IMAGE_MISMATCH
    -552                       SENT: REG_DOM_INFO len=3209 peer= seq_num=1 tries=3 rtt=-1
    -574                       SENT: (null) len=101 peer= seq_num=0 tries=1 rtt=0 result=OK

     The UAP technology is supposed to be compatible with OS 6.5.2 and above. Does anyone have any idea what could be going on? I have a case opened with TAC but they're taking forever to get back to me.


    Thanks in advance.