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Credentials Cache With Machine Authentication

  • 1.  Credentials Cache With Machine Authentication

    Posted Jul 22, 2019 09:51 AM

    Good Morning!


    We use 802.1X on our cmpany to get users connected to wi-fi. This Corp SSID is designed for employees only and everything is working fine, except for one problem:


    When a user first connect to the networks, it is prompted a box to get the username ans password for the user. The ClearPass receives the [User Authenticated] and [Machine Authenticated] information with no problem. User authenticated, access fine.


    After a while, if the user, for example, hibernate his laptop or tries to connect on the after day in the WiFi, he gets an error saying that is not possible to connect to the network. As the laptop already has the credentials, it does not prompt for it again, but the authentication fails because there is no [Machine Authenticated] information on the request.

    If we forget the network and try to connect again, everything works fine.


    Is there something related with cache on ClearPass or the [Machine Authenticated] is only available when the user provides the credentials?


    Thanks in advance and sorry if the english was bad.