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AirGroup in v8.4 | Devices not showing in WLAN

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  • 1.  AirGroup in v8.4 | Devices not showing in WLAN

    Posted Jul 10, 2019 06:16 AM

    We have been using an Instant AP cluster for some time and are in the process of evaluating a controller based Aruba solution. A key criteria is the AirGroup feature, which I cannot get to work.


    My trial hardware is a 7005 with two AP-225 and I have tried both v8.1 and v8.4. I have followed the outlined steps as shown in this PDF, except for the CPPM part:



    The 'show airgroup servers' gives me plenty of mDNS and DLNA systems in our network, but I cannot access them over the SSID. What am I missing?

    I have created a new profile, "CampusHH", in the MM context and added default AirGroup services to this profile.

    I have disallowed a certain VLAN id for users and attached the profile to the node using "airgrouprofile activate" in the node context.

    I have created a new SSID with VLAN 1204 on the node.


    This is the profile. What irritates me is the disallow-role "" type servers service "", just because I did not put it there. Is this a default?



    airgroupprofile "CampusHH"
        service "default-airplay"
        service "default-airprint"
        service "default-dlna-media"
        service "default-allowall"
        disallow-vlan  type servers service ""
        disallow-vlan 903 type users service ""
        disallow-role "" type servers service ""

    The airgroup status shows:

    *[mynode] #show airgroup status
    AirGroup Information
    Feature               Status
    -------               ------
    AirGroup mode         Distributed
    AirGroup Profile      CampusHH
    CPPM Profile
    Active domain
    MDNS                  Enabled
    DLNA                  Enabled
    Enforce Registration  Disabled
    IPV6                  Disabled
    AirGroup Service Information
    Service             Status
    -------             ------
    default-airplay     Enabled
    default-airprint    Enabled
    default-dlna-media  Enabled
    default-allowall    Enabled
    *[mynode] #show airgroup vlan
    VLAN Table
    Vlan-Id  Server Status  User Status
    -------  -------------  -----------
    1        Allowed        Allowed
    20       Allowed        Allowed
    101      Allowed        Allowed
    102      Allowed        Allowed
    103      Allowed        Allowed
    666      Allowed        Allowed
    903      Allowed        Disallowed
    1204     Allowed        Allowed
    servers  Disallowed     Allowed
    default  N/A            N/A
    Num Vlans:10







  • 2.  RE: AirGroup in v8.4 | Devices not showing in WLAN

    Posted Nov 11, 2019 11:03 AM

    I'm running into the same issue.  Was on and got on a call with TAC for 2 days.  They couldn't figure it out.  We even tried rebooting MM.  TAC recommended we upgrade to  I did that this past weekend and airgroup still doesn't work.  What was crazy is that this used to work back in July and all of a sudden it stopped working.  Our clients are not able to cast anything to youtube nor netflix via chromecast, appleTV, etc.