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PEF License and Quality Of Service for Voice/VOIP/SIP

  • 1.  PEF License and Quality Of Service for Voice/VOIP/SIP

    Posted Sep 04, 2019 06:01 AM
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    Hi all,


    we are struggling since months with this and Aruba support didn`t deliver a answer so far. 

    From our point of view, PEF does everything. As soon as enabled, it guarantees quality of service for applications.

    But in reality, the customer claims bad voice quality...

    Question 1:

    Aruba support claims that we have to define WMM etc. for voice although we have PEF installed and working. Is that really required? Has some one experiences with this?

    Question 2:

    In the controller GUI, the voice quality for "WIFI" and "Controller" is always good. But "End-To-End" shows always packet loss from 10-20%. Aruba support, cannot answer, how this is calculated and from where this comes. Does anyone know, where this packet loss could happen?

    (attached a screenshoot from this)


  • 2.  RE: PEF License and Quality Of Service for Voice/VOIP/SIP

    Posted Sep 04, 2019 06:35 AM

    - To be honest, I don't know where that screenshot is from

    - Defining WMM is necessary if the client and/or the network do not properly classify traffic in a voice or video queue.  The controller will honor traffic that is classified properly and will handle it with priority.  If the network and/or the client do not classify it or it is mis-classified, that is where configuring WMM would come into play.  An over-the-air packet capture can confirm if the traffic is classified properly.

    - The end-to-end traffic showing loss is most likely from the wifi layer, which means that there is loss between the client and the access point (if that is what this is).  Typically if traffic is not classified properly by the client, it is handled "best effort" by the access point, where it would be subject to delays and loss.


    Please be more specific about the voice application that is in place, and the voice client and we can talk more specifically about what should be done.

  • 3.  RE: PEF License and Quality Of Service for Voice/VOIP/SIP

    Posted Sep 12, 2019 03:08 AM


    This is from the controller GUI -> Services -> Calls



    We tried this and the packet loss is even worser (25%). According to the PEF data sheet, this is not necessary to define.

    Because there is "clean air" and the problems happen also with only one client on one AP, from my point of view, there should be no packet loss with or without PEF or WMM or whatever. 



    This is the SIP-Client of the VOIP-PBX. Because all calls are recognized by PEF, we consider we have simple SIP/RTP and nothing special. 
    BUT could it be the problem that the controller doesn`t recognise the RTP stream and therefore the MOS-value is always bad?!