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Aruba Instant Wi-Fi: Meet the controllerless Wi-Fi solution that's easy to set-up, is loaded with security and smarts, and won't break your budget.
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AOS8 Cluster Changes

  • 1.  AOS8 Cluster Changes

    Posted Aug 16, 2019 12:16 PM

    So looking for any input here, so currently have a 7220 pair in a cluster but we need to reprovision those in a different location. We were thinking about adding a pair of 7240s with that cluster which would bring it to a 4 node cluster but then take the 7220s out.


    Joining these up seem pretty easy just IP, add it to the VRRP, and Cluster profile. When removing a controller its basically like one failed so AP's/Clients should be good considering the cluster redundancy correct?

  • 2.  RE: AOS8 Cluster Changes

    Posted Aug 16, 2019 02:22 PM