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Loading firmware on Instant AP across remote sites fails

  • 1.  Loading firmware on Instant AP across remote sites fails

    Posted Jun 20, 2019 12:40 PM

    Hi All,

    Im having a strange issue getting firmwares to load across all of my remote sites. I have an airwave server 8.2.6 and IAP 305 all overmy campus and all remote locations. At my main location where the airwave server is located i can plug in a new ap ad it wil find the airwave server, download the needed firmware version and update the config then it is ready to go. The issue i am seeing is if i plug a new device in at a remote location it contacts the airwave server at the main location but cannot pull down the firmware. If i manually update the firmware it then reconnects to the airwave server then pulls down the config. I have reviewed my firewall logs and saw no issues. Am i missing something in my config for a remote location?