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IAP 105 wont update via CLI

  • 1.  IAP 105 wont update via CLI

    Posted Nov 29, 2019 04:25 AM


    I have recently gained access to our Aruba wireless network after it was managed by a MSP who didn't keep it up to date.

    We have a mixture of IAP 105 and 205 with a virtual controller on one of the 205 models.

    Yesterday I updated both models to via the virtual controller but using the manually way with a tftp server due to the firmware being old it had a expired certificate so wouldn't talk to Aruba for updates. The 205 updated to fine but for some reason the 105 didn't update and now they are not communicating with the VC due to a mismatch in versions.

    I have tried updating them individually via the CLI using upgrade-image tftp://X.X.X.X/ArubaInstant_Orion_6.4.4.8- it then says it will automatically update the swarm and reboot but doesn't work.

    Has anyone had the same issue that can help?

  • 2.  RE: IAP 105 wont update via CLI

    Posted Nov 30, 2019 09:34 PM

    IAP 105 and IAP 205 needs to be on the same software version to form a cluster.
    Since IAP 105 is not communicating to the cluster now, Try to isolate all the IAP105 and first upgrade them to the same version, that IAP205 is running.
    You can try the below version from Conservative Release

    For IAP-105: ArubaInstant_Orion_6.4.4.8-
    For IAP-205: ArubaInstant_Taurus_6.4.4.8-