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Problems with RAPs on AOS-W Release 6.2

  • 1.  Problems with RAPs on AOS-W Release 6.2

    Posted Aug 15, 2013 09:42 AM

    Hello together,


    I extended the RAM on our OAW 4504 with the memory upgrade kit in order to use Release 6.2 (Alcatel-Lucent branded, so Release 6.1.4 is not availlable) to connect RAP3.


    The upgrade works fine but especially some (not all) of the RAP2 and RAP5 cannot manage the upgrade procedure.

    Their status stays on Upgrading.


    Trying to connect a RAP which was reset before but is in the whitelist shows endless reboots as well.


    Are there still any problems known with Release 6.2 (I tried and with certificate based RAPs?

    Older APs like AP70 or AP61 installed as RAPs work.


    Kind regards


  • 2.  RE: Problems with RAPs on AOS-W Release 6.2

    Posted Aug 15, 2013 11:20 AM



    What version did you upgrade from?  Did you follow the procedure to upgrade the backup partition on the RAP-5s prior to upgrading the code.  From the release notes:


    Upgrading With RAP-5 and RAP-5WN APs
    If you have completed the first upgrade hop to the latest version of ArubaOS 5.0.4.x and your WLAN includes RAP-5/RAP-5WN APs, do not proceed until you complete the following process. Once complete, proceed to step 5 on page 79. Note that this procedure can only be completed using the controller’s command line interface.

    1. Check the provisioning image version on your RAP-5/RAP-5WN Access Points by executing the show ap image versioncommand.  
    2. If the flash (Provisioning/Backup) image version string shows the letters rn, for example,, note those AP names and IP addresses.
    3. For each of the RAP-5/RAP-5WN APs noted in the step2, upgrade the provisioning image on the backup flash partition by executing the following command:
    apflash ap-name <Name_of_RAP> backup-partition
    The RAP-5/RAP-5WN reboots to complete the provisioning image upgrade.

    4. When all the RAP-5/RAP-5WN APs with a 3.3.2.x-based RN provisioning image have successfully
    upgraded, verify the provisioning image by executing the following command:
    show ap image version

    The flash (Provisioning/Backup) image version string should now show a version that does not contain the letters “rn”, for example,   If you omit the above process or fail to complete the flash (Provisioning/Backup) image upgrade to 5.0.4.x,
    and the RAP-5/RAP-5WN was reset to factory defaults, the RAP will not be able to connect to a controller  running ArubaOS and upgrade its production software image

  • 3.  RE: Problems with RAPs on AOS-W Release 6.2

    Posted Aug 15, 2013 11:29 AM



    thanks, I just found this in the release notes as well.


    I already have a controller with Release and what it does not really say in the release notes, I need a controller running release 5 in order to upgrade the RAP5.


    I guess I have to try that out. The problem is then, that all RAP5 which are out in home offices need to be upgraded which makes it complicated.


    And what about RAP2? It does not say anything about these but they are not working as well?

  • 4.  RE: Problems with RAPs on AOS-W Release 6.2

    Posted Aug 15, 2013 12:15 PM

    Yes, you need to do this backup-flash upgrade on a version 5 controller (I'd go with 5.0.4.x).   You need to plan the upgrade of the RAP-5s carefully as it will reboot the RAP when it completes.   


    This should not be necessary for a RAP-2.  However, I have seen in some cases that a RAP-2 will upgrade but not fully reboot.   Removing the power adapter and reconnecting usually has it come up for me.



  • 5.  RE: Problems with RAPs on AOS-W Release 6.2

    Posted Aug 21, 2013 04:23 AM



    I tested a little bit regarding the RAP2 problem.


    The RAP2 does not come up at all when the the switch is rebootet after partition change.

    Even after a while removing the power adapter does not work.


    When I reset the RAP2 and reprovision it then the RAP2 upgrades for a while, after first reboot with status RcI and after second reboot Rc2ID and then after third reboot, it disappears. The status LED of the RAP is then off and removing the power adapter does not change anything.


    But this does not happen with all RAP2.