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sometimes APs showing as IL flag

  • 1.  sometimes APs showing as IL flag

    Posted Dec 20, 2013 06:15 PM



    We use AP-61 in our network. AP-61 is coming up with "ID flag". I do see that D flag is for dirty or no config. We see that AP is able to exchange the PAPI with the controller but GRE tunnel is not establishing.


    only few AP-61 is having this issue and rest of the AP-61 are working fine.


    It is because of D flag the GRE tunnel is not getting established? or it is otherway?


    What might be the reason for the "ID" flag?


    Thanks in advance

  • 2.  RE: sometimes APs showing as IL flag

    Posted Dec 21, 2013 06:47 AM

    The D flag is typically seen when the AP is booting up initially, or has rebooted very recently.


    The I flag means inactive. You typically see this when the configuration means no "real" services are active on the radios. There could be lots of reasons why. For example, the config is deliberately or dynamically causing the radios to be in this state. Or, the AP could have recently rebooted. Or (unlikely) you've got a bug.


    To start us off, on the APs where it happens, is it like that all the time, or does it come and go?


    Check if the APs in question are rebooting (show ap debug counters), looking at the reboot column.


    If nothing there, we'll need to see your config, and an output of "show ap database long".



  • 3.  RE: sometimes APs showing as IL flag

    Posted Dec 21, 2013 06:49 AM

    I just re-read your subject line too.


    Note if you see the IL flag rather than ID, you've oversubscribed your controller license limits.


    Check with "show ap license-usage"