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RAP User cannot see Network

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  • 1.  RAP User cannot see Network

    Posted Dec 07, 2011 11:23 AM

    Hi Guys,


    We have a client who has deployed several dozen RAP-2 Devices with only small issues. Once we ironed out the bugs the process was going smoothly. We now have one user who at home cannot get his Laptop to see the network. While at the office his laptop automatically connects to the PEAP network with no problem. Looking at the controller i can see that his AP is up

    RAP2-*****      RemoteGroup  172.x.y.z  0            AP:11/19.5/19.5      0    RAP-2WG  RA2da  9d:5h:29m:46s    72.z.y.x


    Any ideas why this users laptop may be connecting to our corporate network, but cannot see the same network when it is broadcast at home?


    I did a remote desktop session with the user via a secondary VPN and tried to reconfigure the WLAN settings but could not find an issue.


    Any ideas?




    WindowsXP Laptop

    Home network has Cable and an Apple Router i believe.


    Thanks for any help,



  • 2.  RE: RAP User cannot see Network

    Posted Dec 07, 2011 04:17 PM

    Hey eliasz - Moving it under Aruba products for better visibility. 

  • 3.  RE: RAP User cannot see Network

    Posted Dec 07, 2011 04:22 PM

    start user debugging:


    config t

    logging level debugging user-debug mac <wireless mac of client>



    show log user-debug 50


  • 4.  RE: RAP User cannot see Network

    Posted Dec 07, 2011 06:06 PM

    I see this is a RAP2, they have a single 2.4 Ghz radio. Is it possible the client is hard-set for 5 Ghz?


    You can also verify the RAP is broadcasting the correct SSID, channel and power with the command:


    show ap bss-table ap-name <ap-name>

  • 5.  RE: RAP User cannot see Network

    Posted Dec 07, 2011 06:16 PM
      |   view attached

    Hi Guys,


    I am attaching the debug file I took this morning. The device is down now.


    As for the broadcasting SSID I'm pretty sure I ran the command this morning and it was broadcasting all the correct SSIDs


    I logged into the users laptop and went through the Wireless adapter settings, it was set to 802.11abg





    RAP-Debug.zip   792B 1 version

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    Posted Dec 07, 2011 07:33 PM

    Inconclusive.  It would probably be less painful if you open a case.


  • 7.  RE: RAP User cannot see Network

    Posted Dec 09, 2011 12:06 PM

    You may try "show ap debug system-status ap-name <ap-name>" & see whether the output has interfeces up with different essids that are expected.


    And also pasting show ap tech-support ap-name, would also be helpful in debugging