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Need assistance with Lync Voice Monitoring

  • 1.  Need assistance with Lync Voice Monitoring

    Posted Mar 05, 2014 03:35 PM

    Hi All,


    I need assistance with Lync Voice Monitoring. The first problem I have is that Aruba is currently reporting that there is a client on a Lync call for 3 days when that call has been long disconnected. This is because I had a configuration error with Lync SDN when I set it up recently, and when I restarted the SDN service the hangup was not recorded to Aruba. Is there a way to fix this? I already tried having the client disconnect from the WiFi for 30 seconds, but that didn't resolve the issue. The status in Aruba is showing that the call is on HOLD.


    The second problem is that about 50% of the calls that go on, there is no R-Value/QoE score reported even though some of the duration of those calls are longer than 1000seconds. Any suggestions why this may be? I did see that for Real Time QoE recording that we couldn't have the APs in Tunnel Mode (decrypt tunnel, or split tunnel preferred) which is our current configuration, but I thought the Lync SDN was suppose to report all that information.


    Also, the Lync SDN I have installed is API Version 2.0. 1.2 is no longer available for download, however I did enable backwards compatibility mode on the API.

  • 2.  RE: Need assistance with Lync Voice Monitoring

    Posted Mar 05, 2014 04:00 PM

    Hey Geosoft-


    Interesting quesiton on the reset to the call "on hold" - I will send this to our product team and see what they say. 


    On the calls that have no R-Value/QOE - are they voice or video calls? Video calls do not currently get scored in the UCC system - either by Aruba or Microsoft in the QOE database. We have some interesting ideas on how to do this in the future that I can't discuss here. On some voice calls you may not see MOS scores if the QOE doesn't report them, but the controller will still calculate a UCC score. 


    The SDN API 2.0 IS compatable with 6.3 and 6.4  - you shouldn't need to enable backwards compatability.


    I'd love to chat about your Lync deployment PM me or come find me at Airheads!





  • 3.  RE: Need assistance with Lync Voice Monitoring

    Posted Mar 05, 2014 04:31 PM

    Hi Turner,


    I don't think the statement that 6.3 supports API 2.0 is correct. When I set the backwardscompatibility to false on the SDNManager.exe.conf, there is no calls being logged at all in the Aruba detailed report. I tested this a few times. Either that, or something weird is happening with

  • 4.  RE: Need assistance with Lync Voice Monitoring

    Posted Mar 05, 2014 09:54 PM

    I was able to resolve the issue about the stale data by rebooting the controller after business hours. It erased all data that was stored there, so that's fixed. I also tried once again disabling backwards compatibility on the 2.0 API and confirmed that it does not work, with either HTTP or HTTPS.


    When you say UCC score would be calculated, where is that located? Our controller isn't licensed for the firewall dashboard, so if it's located there, we wont have access to it. And the entries I'm referring to without MOS scores are voice connections.


    Let me know if you want to take this to a PM to know our configuration.

  • 5.  RE: Need assistance with Lync Voice Monitoring

    Posted Mar 06, 2014 12:58 PM

    Looks like the lingering call issues is still a problem here. It appears to happen whenever a wireless client get's dropped off the wifi (for whatever reason) while still in a call.


    So a known fix for this (instead of rebooting the controller all the time) would be handy.