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SCCM Check in Posture Plugin

  • 1.  SCCM Check in Posture Plugin

    Posted May 09, 2016 06:51 PM


    I'm trying to understand and resolve an issue we've had while the person who implemented the posture configuration is on leave.

    The part I'm trying to understand is, what does "SelectedOnServer" mean? This is under 'Install Level Check' for Patches / Hot Fixes in the ClearPass Windows Universal System Health Validator.

    The documentation says it is "patches that are pre-selected on the server site", but what does it mean in real, useful terms?

    For example, has he specified in SCCM or ClearPass which patches are mandatory? How or where would he have "pre-selected" patches? Or is it all patches that are marked as required in SCCM?


    Thanks in advance for any advice/insight/guidance you can offer.