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Arm eirp config mismatch

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  • 1.  Arm eirp config mismatch

    Posted Oct 06, 2016 08:48 AM

    We have configured a customers network to reduce transmit power (eirp min/max) for both 2.4 and 5.

    2.4 is set to min/max eirp 6/9

    5 is set to min/max eirp 12/15


    The AP`s are members of the correct AP group, the AP group has the correct arm profiles.


    But the APs are running totally different eirp values that configured.


    show ap radio-summary dot11a gives me this:


    <ap-name>   <ap-group>       325      <ap-ip-address>  5     AP:VHT:108+  15/23


    The AP listed above runs eirp min/max 15/23 instead of 12/15


    The result is to large cells, and overlapping channels.


    Anyone have any ideas as to what is wrong?


    Running, 7220, AP 325.

  • 2.  RE: Arm eirp config mismatch

    Posted Oct 06, 2016 11:13 AM
    Does show ap active show any APs outside of the limit? The 23 in that output is the regulatory maximum and not what you have configured for the arm maximum transmit power.

  • 3.  RE: Arm eirp config mismatch

    Posted Oct 10, 2016 04:30 AM

    Yes, all ap`s


    Active AP Table


    Name          Group      IP Address      11g Clients  11g Ch/EIRP/MaxEIRP  11a Clients  11a Ch/EIRP/MaxEIRP  AP Type  Flags  Uptime           Outer IP

    ----          -----      ----------      -----------  -------------------  -----------  -------------------  -------  -----  ------           --------

    APNAME-AP01  APGRP       APIPADR  0            AP:HT:11/6/18        7            AP:VHT:40-/15/22     325      E2adK  12d:14h:31m:51s  N/A

    APNAME-AP9   APGRP       APIPADR   2            AP:HT:1/6/18         19           AP:VHT:116+/15/23    325      E2daK  10d:14h:59m:15s  N/A


    Adaptive Radio Management (ARM) profile "XYZ_11a_arm_2016_optimized"
    Parameter                                                                    Value
    ---------                                                                    -----
    Assignment                                                                   single-band
    Allowed bands for 40MHz channels                                             a-only
    80MHz support                                                                Disabled
    Client Aware                                                                 Enabled
    Max Tx EIRP                                                                  15 dBm
    Min Tx EIRP                                                                  12 dBm
    Rogue AP Aware                                                               Disabled
    Scan Interval                                                                10 sec
    Aggressive scanning                                                          true
    Active Scan                                                                  Disabled
    ARM Over the Air Updates                                                     Enabled
    Scanning                                                                     Enabled
    Multi Band Scan                                                              Enabled
    VoIP Aware Scan                                                              Enabled
    Power Save Aware Scan                                                        Disabled
    Video Aware Scan                                                             Enabled
    Ideal Coverage Index                                                         6
    Acceptable Coverage Index                                                    4
    Free Channel Index                                                           25
    Backoff Time                                                                 1800 sec
    Error Rate Threshold                                                         70 %
    Error Rate Wait Time                                                         90 sec
    Channel Quality Aware Arm                                                    Disabled
    Channel Quality Threshold                                                    70 %
    Channel Quality Wait Time                                                    120 sec
    Minimum Scan Time                                                            8
    Load aware Scan Threshold                                                    1250000 Bps
    Mode Aware Arm                                                               Disabled
    Scan Mode                                                                    all-reg-domain
    Cellular handoff assist                                                      Disabled
    Client Match                                                                 Enabled
    Client Match report interval (sec)                                           30
    Allows Client Match to automatically clear unsteerable clients after ageout  Enabled
    Client Match Unsteerable Client Ageout Interval                              2 Days 0 Hours
    Client Match Band Steer G Band Max Signal (-dBm)                             10
    Client Match Band Steer A Band Min Signal (-dBm)                             75
    Client Match Sticky Client Check Interval (sec)                              3
    Client Match Sticky client check SNR (dB)                                    18
    Client Match SNR threshold(dB)                                               10
    Client Match Sticky Min Signal                                               65
    Client Match Restriction timeout (sec)                                       3
    Client Match Load Balancing threshold (%)                                    20
    Client Match IOS Steer Backoff interval (sec)                                300
    Client Match VBR Stale Entry Age (sec)                                       120
    Client Match Max steer failures                                              2
    Client Match Load Balancing client threshold                                 30
    Client Match Load Balancing SNR threshold (dB)                               30
    Client Match Load Balancing signal delta bound (dB)                          5
    Client Match 11v BSS Transition Management                                   Enabled
    Client Match MU Client threshold                                             15
    Client Match MU SNR threshold (dB)                                           30
    802.11a radio profile "XYZ_11a_2016_optimized"
    Parameter                                      Value
    ---------                                      -----
    Radio enable                                   Enabled
    Mode                                           ap-mode
    High throughput enable (radio)                 Enabled
    Very high throughput enable (radio)            Enabled
    Channel                                        N/A
    Transmit EIRP                                  12 dBm
    Non-Wi-Fi Interference Immunity                2
    Spur Immunity                                  0
    Enable CSA                                     Disabled
    CSA Count                                      4
    Spectrum Monitoring                            Disabled
    Spectrum Monitoring Profile                    default-a
    Advertise 802.11d and 802.11h Capabilities     Disabled
    Spectrum Load Balancing                        Disabled
    Spectrum Load Balancing Mode                   channel
    Spectrum Load Balancing Update Interval (sec)  30 seconds
    Spectrum Load Balancing Threshold (%)          20 percent
    Spectrum Load Balancing Domain                 N/A
    Beacon Period                                  100 msec
    Beacon Regulate                                Disabled
    Advertized regulatory max EIRP                 0
    ARM/WIDS Override                              OFF
    Reduce Cell Size (Rx Sensitivity)              0 dB
    Energy Detect Threshold Offset                 0 dB
    Management Frame Throttle interval             1 sec
    Management Frame Throttle Limit                20
    Maximum Distance                               0 meters
    RX Sensitivity Threshold                       0 dB
    RX Sensitivity Tuning Based Channel Reuse      disable
    Adaptive Radio Management (ARM) Profile        XYZ_11a_arm_2016_optimized
    High-throughput Radio Profile                  XYZ_HT_2016_optimized
    AM Scanning Profile                            default
    AP group "APGRP"
    Parameter                                Value
    ---------                                -----
    Virtual AP                               XYZ-vap-SSID1
    Virtual AP                               XYZ-vap-SSID2
    Virtual AP                               Survey-vap_prof
    802.11a radio profile                    XYZ_11a_2016_optimized
    802.11g radio profile                    XYZ_11g_2016_optimized
    Ethernet interface 0 port configuration  default
    Ethernet interface 1 port configuration  default
    Ethernet interface 2 port configuration  shutdown
    Ethernet interface 3 port configuration  shutdown
    Ethernet interface 4 port configuration  shutdown
    AP system profile                        default
    VoIP Call Admission Control profile      default
    802.11a Traffic Management profile       XYZ_tm_2016_optimized
    802.11g Traffic Management profile       N/A
    Regulatory Domain profile                default
    RF Optimization profile                  default
    RF Event Thresholds profile              default
    IDS profile                              default
    Mesh Radio profile                       default
    Mesh Cluster profile                     N/A
    Provisioning profile                     N/A
    AP authorization profile                 N/A

  • 4.  RE: Arm eirp config mismatch

    Posted Oct 10, 2016 08:23 AM

    In your output, both 2.4ghz APs are at a power of 6 and the 5ghz APs are at a power of 15.  They are both within your constraints:


    APNAME-AP01  APGRP       APIPADR  0            AP:HT:11/6/18        7            AP:VHT:40-/15/22     325      E2adK  12d:14h:31m:51s  N/A

    APNAME-AP9   APGRP       APIPADR   2            AP:HT:1/6/18         19           AP:VHT:116+/15/23    325      E2daK  10d:14h:59m:15s  N/A


    The 18 number on the 2.4ghz is the max EIRP for that channel in your regulatory domain, NOT the maximum power that you have configured.  The 22 and 23 number on the 5ghz is the max EIRP for that channel on that AP in that regulatory domain; NOT the max transmit you have configured in the ARM profile.