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Access network design for branch, remote, outdoor and campus locations with Aruba access points, and mobility controllers.
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rap licensing

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  • 1.  rap licensing

    Posted Mar 06, 2014 08:28 PM



    im 99% sure but i want to be 100% sure


    You do not need PEFGN license to be able to use RAPS and their awsome VPN GRE Tunnel feature? :)


    As far i remenber the RAP license was merge to the AP license back on 5.x


    I have never sold a Controller without PEFGN license so well now there is a client that does not want it if its not necesary and they will be just using a bunch of RAPS for Remote wireless and tunnel termination on the central site.






  • 2.  RE: rap licensing
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    Posted Mar 06, 2014 08:29 PM

    Yes, standard AP license for RAPs.

    PEF-NG if you want to customize roles.

  • 3.  RE: rap licensing

    Posted Mar 06, 2014 08:31 PM

    Thank you Mr. Cappalli now im 100% sure

    There you go your 4 free kudos and accepted solution :D


    Thanks again! now we can finish this quote :)




  • 4.  RE: rap licensing

    Posted Mar 07, 2014 02:09 AM

    Hi Tim, 

    I was pretty sure, that PEFNG license is needed for RAP operations. It is however absolutely mandatory for Split-tunneling mode.

    Many regards,


  • 5.  RE: rap licensing

    Posted Mar 07, 2014 06:43 AM

    Yes you would need it for split tunneling because that is a custom role.

  • 6.  RE: rap licensing

    Posted Mar 07, 2014 07:47 AM
    In our RAPNG architecture you just need PEF-V license. No ap license on VPN controller. Rap runs in iap mode and all config, provisioning done with Airwave.

  • 7.  RE: rap licensing

    Posted Mar 07, 2014 08:13 AM

    Seth now you got me all confused when i though that i was 100% sure...


    PEF-V license??? thats not the via license? why do i need a via license?


    Policy Enforcement Firewall Virtual Private Network (PEFV)—Enables the roles based Policy Enforcement Firewall for VIA clients. This is a controller license.


    AP Capacity License—For RAP indoor and Outdoor mesh APs. Campus, Remote or Mesh APs can terminate on the controller without the need for a separate license.


    after reading this i was like okay 99% sure i just need ap capacity license so ill ask to be 100%, i ask and now i see your post and im totally confused again haha


    Please explain a little more please?




  • 8.  RE: rap licensing

    Posted Mar 07, 2014 08:15 AM

    Are you doing traditional RAP or next gen IAP-VPN?

  • 9.  RE: rap licensing

    Posted Mar 07, 2014 08:16 AM

    Im using a remote AP

    Forget about the VIA client...

    a physical AP, RAP3, RAP109 those :)


    Thats why he got me confused...




  • 10.  RE: rap licensing

    Posted Mar 07, 2014 08:17 AM

    If you are doing a traditional RAP design and not using custom roles (inc. split-tunneling), then you only need AP licenses.