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Import bulk list of NAD

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  • 1.  Import bulk list of NAD

    Posted Oct 06, 2013 11:50 PM

    Is there a template to import a bulk list of Network Access Device? We have  more or less one thousands NAD to be import at CPPM. 


    Thank you

  • 2.  RE: Import bulk list of NAD

    Posted Oct 07, 2013 12:16 AM

    There is this page for partners



    Or you can just add two devices to the NAD list and export and that will show you the format.


     <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>

    <TipsContents xmlns="">
    <TipsHeader exportTime="Sun Oct 06 23:12:32 CDT 2013" version="6.2"/>
    <NadClient description="" name="Aruba 2500" coaPort="3799" coaCapable="true" vendorName="Aruba" tacacsSecret="" radiusSecret="eTIPS123" ipAddress="10.80.2.xx"/>
    <NadClient description="" name="Cisco WLC" coaPort="3799" coaCapable="true" vendorName="Cisco" tacacsSecret="" radiusSecret="eTIPS123" ipAddress="10.80.2.xx"/>
    <NadClient description="" name="Palo Alto" coaPort="3799" coaCapable="true" vendorName="PaloAlto" tacacsSecret="" radiusSecret="eTIPS123" ipAddress="10.80.2.xx">
    <SnmpConfig readArpInfo="true" forceRead="true" defaultVlan="0">
    <SnmpRead communityString="eTIPS123" snmpVersion="V2C"/>


    You can also add a group of NAD devices by subnet instead of doing them one at a time.


     screenshot_01 Oct. 06 23.08.gif

  • 3.  RE: Import bulk list of NAD

    Posted Oct 07, 2013 01:14 AM

    Thanks for immediate response!. I can login to the page and download the Template.xlsx but when I download the nas.csv it requires me to login again and the Login error shows "There is no user by the name".



    Can I used this format in the exel for bulk import? then used the link to convert to csv to xml. 

    NadClient description | coaPort  |coaCapable | vendorName | tacacsSecret | radiusSecret | ipAddress




  • 4.  RE: Import bulk list of NAD
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    Posted Oct 07, 2013 01:21 AM
    On the bottom of the page the link sends you to should have the format.


    The CSV files must have the values in a particular order to be processed correctly. The Excel templates below can be used to help format your data correctly. The file formats are:

    Local Users: userid,user_name,enabled{true|false},password,[role_name],phone,email,sponsor,title,department,designation
    Endpoints: mac_addr,status{Known|Unknown},description,device_type,device_vendor,os_version,os_type,location
    NADs: ip_addr,name,description,coa_port,coa_capable{true,false},vendor_name,tacacs_secret,radius_secret

  • 5.  RE: Import bulk list of NAD

    Posted Feb 19, 2016 01:17 PM

    I've tried the NAD import format and I get the following error message: First line must be a header with 5 tokens.  Any idea on what he issue may be?

  • 6.  RE: Import bulk list of NAD

    Posted Sep 26, 2018 09:33 AM

    Did this ever get resolved?  I am running into the same issue attempting to import NAD list from spreadsheet into CPPM and getting the first line must be a header with 5 tokens message.