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Access network design for branch, remote, outdoor and campus locations with Aruba access points, and mobility controllers.
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Getting the licensing correct, help please

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  • 1.  Getting the licensing correct, help please

    Posted Jul 09, 2013 07:00 AM

    Hi There,


    I've got an Aruba 3200 controller and it's licensed up to 16 APs, something i've only just noticed after purchasing another 10 APs. Currently I'm using 11 but looking to add another 10 APs.


    Do i need to replace the 16AP license with a 24 or 32AP license, or can i buy another 6AP license for them to combine and cover my needs? That may seem a bit of a daft question but i want to be sure.


    Also i don't understand what i need to buy out of "AP licenses" and "Remote AP Licenses" here's the information from my controller:


    (Aruba3200) #show license-usage ap
    AP Licenses
    Type                      Number
    ----                      ------
    AP Licenses               16
    PEF Licenses              16
    Overall AP License Limit  16
    AP Usage
    Type            Count
    ----            -----
    CAPs            11
    RAPs            0
    Tunneled nodes  0
    Total APs       11
    Remaining AP Capacity
    Type  Number
    ----  ------
    CAPs  5
    RAPs  5
    (Aruba3200) #show keys
    Licensed Features
    Feature                                             Status
    -------                                             ------
    Access Points                                       16
    Remote Access Points                                16
    Ortronics Access Points                             0
    Outdoor Mesh Access Points                          128
    RF Protect                                          0
    Voice Service Module                                Unlimite
    VPN Server Module                                   2048
    xSec Module                                         0
    Indoor Mesh Access Points                           128
    120abg Upgrade                                      0
    121abg Upgrade                                      0
    124abg Upgrade                                      0
    125abg Upgrade                                      0
    Next Generation Policy Enforcement Firewall Module  16
    Advanced Cryptography                               0
    Service provider AP                                 0
    RF Protect                                          DISABLED
    Policy Enforcement Firewall                         ENABLED
    Remote APs                                          ENABLED
    External Services Interface                         ENABLED
    Client Integrity Module                             ENABLED
    VPN Server                                          ENABLED
    xSec Module                                         DISABLED
    MMC AP                                              DISABLED
    Netgear AP                                          DISABLED
    Voice Services Module                               ENABLED
    Ortronics AP                                        DISABLED
    Mesh Point APs                                      ENABLED
    AP Developers Module                                DISABLED
    Internal Test Functions                             DISABLED
    Public Access                                       DISABLED
    Policy Enforcement Firewall for VPN users           DISABLED
    Content Security                                    DISABLED
    Advanced Cryptography                               DISABLED
    L2/L3 Switching                                     DISABLED


    Please advise me on what i need to purchase so i get it right first time :) Thanks



  • 2.  RE: Getting the licensing correct, help please

    Posted Jul 09, 2013 07:22 AM


    Yes , you can buy an additional 6 AP licenses but also you will need 6 PEF licenses (Firewall) as well.


    Make sure you contact your local Sales team for additional info