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ClearPass load from AirGroup with enforcement

  • 1.  ClearPass load from AirGroup with enforcement

    Posted Mar 24, 2014 01:27 PM

    We enabled AirGroup this past weekend when up upgraded to version      We enabled enforcement so that we can restrict what the users can see as well as to prevent the users from having thousands of things show up in their list of available devices. 


    We have 3 25K ClearPass servers (not VM) and we typically see 1.3 million request per day.   We have a lighter load going to the publisher which last week  (exam week) saw about 300 requests per minute.    With the students gone this week we now are seeing 400 requests per minute and are concerned that the servers may have an issue when the students return next week,   We are using Clear Pass version 6.1.x latest patch.


    Last week response time was 36ms average and today we are seeing closer to 46ms on this Clear Pass server.


    Has anyone else seen this load and should we be worried?




    Chris Hart

    Northwestern University

  • 2.  RE: ClearPass load from AirGroup with enforcement

    Posted Apr 02, 2014 03:22 AM
    Hi, Chris. We?ve only enabled AirGroup for 4 buildings on campus, but we did see a considerable increase in Radius traffic as a result. I have the same concerns if we were to deploy this campus-wide. Across the board, we?re seeing well over 300 requests per minute, but that doesn?t concern me. It?s the requests per second that I watch, as I believe the 25Ks were rated at or above 300/second. On my busier servers, I?m hovering around 20-30 requests per second. We have 4-6 25K servers handling radius requests. Peak days have seen 4.6M authentications. Hopefully this gives you a useful comparable.

    Oh, and we?re on 6.2.5, which is much better than 6.1.x. However, the database received an overhaul in 6.3.x and is supposed to be MUCH faster. I will be upgrading to 6.3.2 once it?s released and I receive a green light from Aruba.