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ClearPass Guest / IAP hotspot

  • 1.  ClearPass Guest / IAP hotspot

    Posted Feb 28, 2013 05:48 AM

    Hi everyone,


    I need your help about this case. Everythings works in lab (IAPs-105 with VC and guests can access to self-registration in CP Guest, they can login and then go to the web).


    The case :


    I need to provide hotspots (with IAP-105) to my customers who are restaurants, hotels, … They have already their own network infrastructure, so I need to deal with (not possible to open ports on router in every cases). And IP addresses are fixed or not (most of the time, not), depending of the provider subscribtion. People can use the Wi-Fi network after self-registration with Clear Pass Guest and surf to the web.


    The Clear Pass server is on a datacenter, ports are open and I can do everything’s needed.


    What is the best practice to do this ?






    PS : if I am not very clea, tell me. English is not my native language, sorry.


    Edit : about IP addresses