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Aruba Solution Exchange - Configure SNMPv3 on ArubaOS-Switch

  • 1.  Aruba Solution Exchange - Configure SNMPv3 on ArubaOS-Switch

    Posted Jul 06, 2016 02:00 PM



    Many of you may be familiar with the Aruba Solution Exchange, our repository for task-oriented solutions for configuring features on your Aruba and HPE devices. What you may have noticed, however, is that there aren't all that many solutions for the ArubaOS-Switch line yet. Well, we're working on changing that!


    The first (of many!) new ASE solutions for AOS-Switch concerns SNMPv3 configuration. For those of you who use SNMP for network management but are concerned about the security and privacy of your management connections, SNMPv3 is the ideal solution, integrating encryption and user-based administration to further secure your networks against tampering.


    Work on developing new solutions is already underway, with efforts currently focused on MAS features that have been ported to ArubaOS-Switch from the MAS switch line.  Feel free to post feedback in this thread if there are any other features in particular you would like to see!