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AP-205H wired port setup for VoIP phone and computer?

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  • 1.  AP-205H wired port setup for VoIP phone and computer?

    Posted Jan 04, 2017 02:38 PM

    We have a controller-based system, and I'm hoping to use an AP-205H to add wifi in a space that currently has only a single wall port, which goes to a POE VoIP phone, and then the user's computer is plugged into the Data port on the phone.


    Wondering the best or easiest or most straightforward way to set this up.





    Seems one option might be to give up on the phone's data port, and assign the e3 POE-capable port to be an access port on the Phone VLAN, and plug the computer into e1 or e2, configured as access ports on staff. 


    Then, I assume I'd set the switch port to be a Trunk port, native to our AP VLAN, so that the AP-205H would be able to connect normally as soon as I plug it in. Also, this port would have tagged traffic for Phones and Staff, and hopefully AP ports e1, e2, and e3 would put their traffic to these VLANs.


    Is that the way to go?  


    If I do this, how do I set up the APs port e0?


    Can it just stay as "default" like the rest of our APs? Can the AP tunnel its wifi traffic to the controller via e0 as usual, and also dump tagged Staff and Phones data to the switch?  Does e0 need to be configured as a trunk port? If it is trunk, can it still use tunneled mode for the AP data?


    Existing switch setup:


    Currently, we have our APs plugged into switch ports set to an AP vlan, and they tunnel to the controller. The existing user port is a simple access port on our Staff vlan, and we use Juniper's LLDP-MED settings to assign the VoIP phone to a Phones vlan.   


    (Our existing Juniper config for staff ports has them set as "vlan members Staff", and we also have a global "set ethernet-switching-options voip interface access-ports vlan Phones" setting, so that phones plugged into these staff ports are assigned properly.


    All of our APs so far are merely plugged into ports configured as "vlan members AP", and we've not used any of their secondary ports.)


    Thanks for any clues you can share! Particularly, please point me to any "higher level" documents that explain how and why, in addition to the basic command reference documents.


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    Posted Jan 09, 2017 05:34 AM



    As you said, trunk the port to the AP and configure the native VLAN on the switch to be the AP VLAN. You may also need to set the native VLAN ID in the AP system profile associated with that AP.


    The RAP VRD goes into detail about how to configure additional switchports on a AP. In your scenario, I would imagine, you would probably want the forward mode to be tunnel though.


    I'd recommend configuring a port for the phone and another for the workstation. Maybe, configure port E1 as an access port on the phone VLAN and E2 as an access port on the staff VLAN.


    The Aruba controller CLI reference guide is here. Wired AP profile details start on page 226.