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VisualRF on tablets/touchscreens?

  • 1.  VisualRF on tablets/touchscreens?

    Posted Dec 14, 2016 02:31 PM

    I'm curious if anybody is using VisualRF on a tablet or touchscreen device with any success?


    I've tested on a few older Android tablets (4.1.2 and 5.0.1) and on a touchscreen PC running Windows 7 - neither will allow me to operate many functions within VisualRF.  


    I can't  seem to double-click to open a site/building (although on Android this seems to work if I long press), and am not able to draw walls.  I can draw walls on the PC with the mouse, but not on the touchscreen.


    I don't have access to any newer devices to see if maybe this is a limitation with Windows 7 on a touchscreen and might possibly work on Win8 or 10, or on newer versions of Android.


    I spend quite a bit of time using VisualRF and using a mouse can cause some CTS problems.  


    I imagine marking up floor plans might be easier if drawing on a tablet or touchscreen, or maybe I need to look into a pen input device for my PC?


    Anybody out there have experience with any of this?



  • 2.  RE: VisualRF on tablets/touchscreens?

    Posted Dec 14, 2016 02:40 PM
    I used to use VisualRF on my Surface Pro with the Surface pen all the time.
    Was great for drawing walls, etc.

  • 3.  RE: VisualRF on tablets/touchscreens?

    Posted Dec 15, 2016 12:15 PM

    Instead of drilling down by double-clicks, I tend to use the 'list' navigation to jump to a floor plan.