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IAP and Cisco Catalyst Switchport Configuration

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  • 1.  IAP and Cisco Catalyst Switchport Configuration

    Posted Apr 25, 2015 06:03 PM

    I have 70 IAP's on Cisco switches throughout our network.  I have configured all the switchports:


    switchport trunk native vlan 470

    switchport mode trunk

    spanning-tree portfast


    All identically configured and all work just fine.  IAP's get IP in correct vlan, and clients get an IP in correct vlan based on which wi-fi network ssid they choose.


    I have an new AP (IAP 214) out doors that is wired to a Cisco SMB SG300-10.  Switchport 8 is configured as an access port VLAN 470 untagged.  Link port 10 is configured as a trunk VLANS 470 and all the other wi-fi VLAN's (400, 401, 410, 420, 430, 471) - tagged.


    The trunk port is connected to a link port on a Cisco Catalyst 2960S.  It is configured as switchport mode trunk.  I have also just added to the configuration to specifically allow all of the VLAN's.


    The IAP-214 gets its IP in the correct VLAN.  However, a client cannot connect on any of the SSID's.  At least on the Guest, the device gets an IP 169.254.x.x and show's up in the Aruba Console/VC. 


    I've tried port 8 on the SMB as a trunk with 762 and the other vlan's tagegd but then the AP wouldn't show up in the Aruba VC Console.


    I have tried various config changes and they all result in the IAP no longer being seen by the VC.  Any ideas?  I think maybe a small tweak somehwere might fix this.

  • 2.  RE: IAP and Cisco Catalyst Switchport Configuration

    Posted Apr 27, 2015 05:18 AM

    Is the trunk from the SG300 to the 2960 configured correctly. I'd double check that first. If that's ok then check the trunking on the 2960 uplink.


    I would configure the switchport the AP214 is patched into on the SG300 as a trunk port with native VLAN as the AP management VLAN and tagged VLANs as the WiFi VLANs.


    To troubleshoot you could configure each of your WIFi VLANs in turn on an access port on the SG300 and patch your laptop into it. That might identify an issue..


    If there are issues with the above then move on to the 2960 and repeat.



  • 3.  RE: IAP and Cisco Catalyst Switchport Configuration
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    Posted Apr 28, 2015 05:46 PM

    I have got it to work in the mean time.  Will take a look at these suggestions on my next outdoor IAP with a slightly different twist in terms of switches.


    I put port 8 (IAP 214 connected to it) as a trunk with VLAN 470 untagged (same as saying native).  I then added the wifi vlans to the same port tagged.  The uplink port from the SG300 was a trunk port with all VLANs tagged except management VLAN.  The 2960 port was configured as a trunk.


    The config change to 470 untagged and adding the wi-fi vlans seems to be what opened up client access.


    The next outdoor IAP up for installation is a SG300 switch installed remotely with 3 IP cameras and an Aruba IAP 214 hanging off of it - but this time the connection back to the network is a Ubiquiti wireless bridge to another SG300 - instead of a 3ft patch cord.  SG300 in the building is connected via fiber back to data center.  Finally got this working Saturday night but thank you for the sugegstions.

  • 4.  RE: IAP and Cisco Catalyst Switchport Configuration

    Posted Sep 28, 2016 10:56 AM

    Any chance we could see the exact config for that port?  I am running into a similar problem with an IAP205 and a 3560



  • 5.  RE: IAP and Cisco Catalyst Switchport Configuration

    Posted Apr 28, 2015 06:10 AM



    The problem description is clearly saying that it is a trunking issue. as a work around, configure trunk with default native VLAN 1 and with allow all, also configure the same on IAP. if everything working fine then change the native VLAN and allow VLAN as per the need.


    for your ref, how to configure IAP uplink.



    Please feel for any further help on this.