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Best Practice for managing switches in Aruba Central

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  • 1.  Best Practice for managing switches in Aruba Central

    Posted Jan 30, 2021 07:14 AM
    Hi everyone!

    I'm pretty curious to see how you best practice manage your switches in Aruba Central. I really like the monitoring tools in Central, but configuring switches, I find it quite a hassle compared to just executing the commands via SSH.

    I now manage them through Template Groups, but I can't find an easy and fast way to configure for each specific switch his vlan ports. For VLAN 1 there is a variable, but for other VLAN's I don't see an easy option to create variables myself? And also, that's pretty complicated instead of just running commands?
    What I did now, is for each switch I have, I created an IF-Statement on serial number so that I have a block with all vlans and ports for each switch.. but is there a better way?

    I would like to have option to configure it locally (SSH) and that the switch would sync config with cloud. But guess that's not possible for now.

    UI-configuration is still also not very practical.. For example giving a management IP in different VLAN lacks etc..

    So I'm very curious how you manage your switches in Central?

    Thanks a lot!

    Cedric De Witte

  • 2.  RE: Best Practice for managing switches in Aruba Central

    Posted May 26, 2021 07:00 PM
    I am in the same situation and am not able to find any help. I have asked Aruba directly and they just point me to the user manual. There are no videos I have found that give a sample/basic setup. I would love to know how any users out there have their templates organized. How do you scale those templates to work for multiple switches without the need of a template for every switch, which defeats the purpose.  I have a very simple network, which CLI has worked great for. Now with Central, it seems to be overcomplicating a very simple and stable solution.

    Clifton Allen

  • 3.  RE: Best Practice for managing switches in Aruba Central

    Posted May 26, 2021 10:08 PM
    some videos on templates ,you didn't say what type of switches, here are details on Aruba CX

    if you have simple configs then put them in UI group and then enhance them with the multieditor (CLI style)  which is available on 2.5.3 central for CX Switches

    Kamal Takodra
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