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SNMP Get status LACP/VRRP status

  • 1.  SNMP Get status LACP/VRRP status

    Posted 12 days ago

    I'm currently searching for a way to actively do SNMP get the status of LACP and VRRP of the 8.6 version of the controllers.
    Example, if we do the 'show vrrp' command, we will get the following output:
    Virtual Router 220:
    Description Primary MM
    Admin State UP, VR State MASTER
    IP Address, MAC Address x, vlan 1
    Priority 200, Advertisement 3 sec, Preemption Disable Delay 0
    Auth type PASSWORD, Auth data: ********
    tracking is not enabled

    The state is 'Master' but I'm unable to find an SNMP GET that polls this information. I would like a notification when the status changes to 'Backup'

    The same goes for LACP:
    Flags: S - Device is requesting slow LACPDUs
           F - Device is requesting fast LACPDUs
           A - Device is in Active mode P - Device is in Passive mode
    LACP Internal Table
    Port      Flags  Pri  AdminKey  OperKey  State  Num  Status
    ----      -----  ---  --------  -------  -----  ---  ------
    GE 0/0/2  SA     255  0x2       0x2      0x3d   0x3  up
    GE 0/0/3  SA     255  0x2       0x2      0x3d   0x4  up​
    Can I somehow poll those flags? I would like to get a notification if the flag changes to Passive mode.

    Best regards