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hpe-restd log on Aruba-CX

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  • 1.  hpe-restd log on Aruba-CX

    Posted 10 days ago

    We just intall Aruba-CX topology with NetEdit and Airwave. We are in 10.07.0010 version and we have continually  "hpe-restd" log. This log flood our switchs.

    There is a way to disable this kind of lof on our switchs ?

    2021-11-19T10:46:47.450750+01:00 XXX hpe-restd[2864]: Event|4605|LOG_INFO|AMM|-|Session ended for user admin, session a2nH0gEOv4x0kCVUV8Zxsg==
    2021-11-19T10:46:47.450101+01:00 XXX  hpe-restd[2864]: Event|4608|LOG_INFO|AMM|-|Authorization allowed for user admin, for resource SessionMgmt, with action POST

    Thanks !

    Marc Antoine Catteau

  • 2.  RE: hpe-restd log on Aruba-CX

    Posted 10 days ago

    This is the diagnostic and supportability guide for version 10.07
    Please have a look at the feature "logging filter" at page 93.


    You can create a filter for filtering events on the switch by using event-ids. Here an example

    logging filter no_restd
    20 deny event-id 4605,4608

    The filter has an implicit allow all at the end.
    More options are described in the guide.

    The event ID of the events you want to suppress is visible in the log, you can also look it up in the Event Log Reference Guide.

    Emil Gogushev

  • 3.  RE: hpe-restd log on Aruba-CX

    Posted 2 days ago

    Thanks you, this work. I was thinking this feature is only for syslog not for the local log of switch.


    Marc Antoine Catteau