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UXI ap scan stopped working

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  • 1.  UXI ap scan stopped working

    Posted Feb 23, 2021 02:13 PM

    Hi All,

    I'm still fairly new to Aruba products, have had things setup for a couple months now.  We have 3 of the UXI devices (deployed about a month ago) and have been working really nice, even helped out recently with a problematic uplink connection with our provider.

    So about 12 days ago, one UXI stopped doing WiFi Environment AP scans and hasn't seen or connected to WiFi since.  It is still working fine for monitoring the wired network, but hasn't done anything about wireless (doesn't even see our SSIDs) for 12 days.  The other two UXI devices haven't had any problems.

    We have power cycled the UXI and I've even changed the wireless config for testing...but it still doesn't even see our wireless network anymore.  It used to, but all of a sudden one day it just stopped seeing/scanning our wireless environment.

    Has anyone else experienced this?  Do we need to try something else to get it working again, or is it possibly defective and I need to open a support ticket?


    Scott Foss

  • 2.  RE: UXI ap scan stopped working

    Posted Feb 23, 2021 10:03 PM
    Login in your account and in UXI dashboard there is a chat window where you can talk to TAC. They are very responsive and can fix some issues easily..

    Eleuterio Delos Santos

  • 3.  RE: UXI ap scan stopped working

    Posted Feb 24, 2021 11:14 AM

    Thanks, I had looked for some type of contact/support button didn't see one.  And after your reply that got me digging even more as I still didn't see one, then I found this ( and sure enough AdBlock Plus was blocking the chat feature in the UXI Cape Dashboard.

    Now that I can see the Chat option, I'll see what they have to say about the UXI that isn't seeing any WiFi networks now.

    Thanks again.

    Scott Foss